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Hotel Old Mill


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Our prices

Our offer from 01.05.2020 to 30.09.2020

Single room with breakfast from             45,-€

Double room with breakfast from            70,-€

Apartmen single room with breakfast        50,-€

Apartmen double room with breakfast       80,-€

Accomodation with half pension

in double room/person                    50,-€


Regular guest discount 10% room rate


Halfboard  10,-€


In case of reservation for 6 nights you get one night free of charge


Our offer from 01.10.2020 to 30.04.2021

Single room with breakfast                   40,-€

Double room with breakfast                  65,-€

Apartmen single room with breakfast     45,-€

Apartmen double room with breakfast    75,-€

Accomodation with half pension

in double room/person                       47,50-€


Regular guest discount 10% room rate


Halfboard  10,-€


In case of reservation for 6 nights you get one night free of charge

How to get there

GPS: 47°24´35.73´´ ; 16°43´20.23´´

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Data protection declaration

This statement applies to the operator (hereinafter Operator) of oregmalom.hu website (hereinafter Website), which includes basic information of processing and storing personal data of the Website visitors (hereinafter User) and also it includes the Users’ rights and how to enforce those.

While performing the provisions of this  privacy policy, the Service Provider paid special attention to the provisions in the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or GDPR), the Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information (‘Information Act’), the Civil Code, Act V. of 2013 (‘Civil Code’) and the Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial  Advertising Activities (‘Advertising Act’).

1. Data on controller

Öreg Malom Vendéglátó Kft.
Headquarters: H-9735 Csepreg, Öreg Malom út 2.
Tax number: 10481734218
Company registration number: 18 09 100566
Name of contact person: Christoph Aschenbrenner CEO

Agent for service of process: Istvánné Csenár
E-mail: hotel@oregmalom.hu

2. Data on processor

Karma Interactive Kft.
Headquarters: H-9700 Szombathely, Alsóhegyi út 10/a

Tax number: 14724592-2-18
Company registration number: 18-09-108707

3. Legal basis, scope, purpose and duration of the processed data

3.1. The legal basis for data processing:

Regarding the Controller’s activity, the legal basis for data processing in every case is that the User has given voluntary consent to processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes (GDPR point (a) of Article 6(1)). The Users contact the controller, register and require the service voluntarily. The controller processes data in lack of User consent only if the regulation clearly entitles him/her.


The User is entitled to withdraw his/her consent at any time. This withdrawal does not affect the previous data processing which was based on consent.

3.2. Scope of the data processed:

In order to use the Website Users do not need to enter any data.

During the website usage the IP address of the User’s computer, the start and end date of website visit and also in some cases, depending on the User’s computer settings, the browser type and operational system are registered. These data are automatically logged. The Operator does not connect the log file data with other personal data. These data are used only for website developing.

In the message field of the website the Operator gives an opportunity for the User to send messages about the website, its content or the provided services. In this message the User is obliged to give his/her name and e-mail address.

With sending this message the User gives consent to his/her data processing.

The website can place cookies on the User’s computer used for browsing in order to identify the User and to make the following visits easier if the User explicitly approve this when first entering the website. The cookies are placed on the User's own browsing device, so the User is the one who has full control over them. If the User wants to change his/her cookie-settings for the Website or wants to delete them, then he/she can do it in the browser settings.

3.3. The purpose of data processing

The data controller processes personal data only for given purpose, right exercising and obligation fulfilling. Data processing meets the purpose of data processing. Data registering and processing are made fairly and lawfully. Data controller tends to process only those personal data which are necessary for the purpose of data processing and suitable for reaching its purpose. Personal data can be processed only for the necessary rate and time.

Data given by the User can be used and processed in order to provide a higher level of service for the User, mainly in the following fields:

  • To answer his/her questions on the Website or to clarify them.
  • To develop the Website content and services
  • To optimise the Website and to make it better for the needs of the User

Operator does not use data for purposes which are different from the purposes mentioned before. Personal data can be given to third party only with the consent of the User. This does not affect the compulsory data forwarding based on the law.

3.4. Data processing with advertising purpose, sending newsletters


If the User gives consent, the data controller contacts him/her on the given contact details and the controller sends directly to him /her advertisements. The advertisement can be sent via mail, phone (including text messages) or in e-mail. The User’s consent is an essential condition in any case. User can whenever withdraw his/her consent without a reason.

3.5. Duration of data processing

The date given voluntarily by the User must be processed by the Operator until the User does not ask for erasure.

In case of erasure, the data controller makes the data unable to identify the User and also does everything in order to erase the personal data from the data processors’ system (right to hide). If the regulation determines it, data controller destroys the data carrier containing personal data.

4. Data security measures

Data are stored in the Hungarian headquarters (H-9735 Csepreg, Öreg Malom út 2.) of the data controller with strictly keeping the security measures. Data controller stores the data based on the current regulations, thus ensuring that the data can be known only by the employees and data controllers who need them for their jobs and tasks.

This website has an https certificate which ensures the messages sent by the User on this page are not detectable.

5. Possibility of changing the data processing regulation

Operator has the right to change this Data processing policy. Operator makes the valid Data processing policy public on the website. User must check the website time by time in order to be informed about the possible changes.

The User with the next entering accepts the provisions in force of the policy so there is no need to ask the approval of each User.

6. Rights of data subjects

The User can ask information about processing of his/her data, data controller must give the information in written and clear form as soon as possible but within 25 days the latest. Also the User can ask for correction or erasure of his/her personal data via the contact details of the data controller. The correction or erasure must be done by the Operator within 5 working days following the arrival.

User can object to processing personal data in the cases specified in the current acts.

User can ask the data controller to give the personal data previously given by the User to the him/her in typed form or to forward it to another data controller.

7. Remedy requests

Requests for legal remedy and complaints can be submitted to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. Its address is H-1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., website:www.naih.hu

Also the User is entitled to go to court based on Paragraph 1 Section 22 of Information Act in case of rights’ hurt.  The trial’s treatment is under the General Court. The trial can be started based on the User’s choice under the general court of the User’s permanent or temporary address.